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Sample: Find multiple files/folders/by size

find /path -type d \( -name "foldername1" -o -name "foldername2" \ )

find and remove on the fly

find /path -name "filename-to-delete" -type f -exec rm -rf {} \;

find by size over 500MB and list them into Textfile

find / -size +500M -type f > /big-files.txt

find file with ending ".sh" and header "shebang" called inside "#!/bin/bash" to migrate Scripts from Linux to Unix!

find / -name '*.sh' -print -exec grep bash {} \;


Sample: By default the Linux and Unix Config Files written with comments for help but somtimes its too much! Comments mostly starting with "#" to filter them out do:

grep -v '^#' config

Sytem Echos NOW only active Settings!! That's easy to control for bugs..


to tar do:

tar -cvf backup.tar /home/

To boost the tar on cron jobs remove the "-v" Switch

on Single Core Server compress with TAR

tar -cvf backup.tar /home/


on Multi CPU Servers you can compress TAR-Files with PIGZ it offers Multi Core Usage against of TAR builtin Compressor
This saves Time, Energy and Space! enter:

tar -cf - /home | pigz -9 > backup.tgz #collect home to TAR Archiv then compress it with all CPU's you have on Compress Level 9 (High)

At the htop Process Viewer you can view the usage!

bash scripts


#!/bin/bash                        #set interpreter
date=`/bin/date +%Y%m%d-%H%M%S`    #set data-time variable for $date


Sync Path, Drives and mounted Networks: Sync with Human readable Output, can be logged to a Log!

rsync -av /source/ /destination

To BOOST I/O DON'T use COMPRESS! "-z" cause the System Pause Transmissions during compress!! On Cronjobs remove the "-v" this BOOST the rsync TOO!

rsync -a /source/ /destination  #fastest and hold File Attributes and Rights!


Network pull tool to copy Websites or Data

wget -O LocalImageName.jpg "" --tries=2 --timeout=10 #try to pull only twice then stop, and stop after 10 sec of Timouts

To Mirror complete Webspaces if allowed by robots.txt

wget -m wget --tries=2 --timeout=10

This command can create a locel Offline Copy of a Site include Images and Links