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Customize of Tiny Core Linux

Setting Locales for Germany (Umlaute) edit

$ sudo vi /opt/bootlocal.sh


mkdir -p /usr/lib/locale
localedef -i de_DE -f ISO-8859-15 de_DE@euro
localedef -i de_DE -f ISO-8859-1 de_DE
localedef -i de_DE -f UTF-8 de_DE


tce-load -wi glibc_i18n_locale glibc_apps glibc_gconv

test perhaps with pidgin and install pidgin:

tce-load -wi pidgin

create account of ICQ and test with a chat to a Windows User and enter "öäü"

or open terminal and enter:

locale -a

System must echo:


Disable Screensaver

edit $vi /home/username/.setbackground

xset s off -dpms &

Set Wallpaper Color

edit $vi /home/username/.setbackground

hsetroot -solid "#357DAA"

ATerm xterm big Font Settings on Laptops

edit $vi /home/username/.Xdefaults

Aterm*scrollBar: true
Aterm*transparent: false
Aterm*title: Terminal
Aterm*foreground: green
Aterm*background: black
Aterm*font: *-*-fixed-medium-r-normal--*-140-*-*-*-*-iso8859-1
Aterm*cursorColor: green
Aterm*fading: 70
Aterm*shading: 50
Aterm*color12: DodgerBlue1
Aterm*saveLines: 100000
fltk*scheme: gtk+

NFS Client mount hangs

Problem busybox has some bugs on nfs mount do: enable rpcbind + nfsclient (tce-extensions)

sudo mount -t nfs freebsd-server:/usr/home /mnt/nfs -o vers=3,tcp,rw,nolock

Settings to prevent insecure browser data from saved to the Disk (mydata.tar.gz)

open a console / xterm and do:

vi /opt/.xfiletool.lst

Here add all files or path which must be destroyed on reboot or should NEVER taken into mydata.tar.gz (Backup of "tc" user home)


.pidgin               # prevent chat logs from backup
Downloads        # prevent saving last Downloads
.mozilla              #prevents firefox browser data of last internet visits

Customize Tinycorelinux by bootcodes of the Kernel

add/change this to /boot/grub/menu.lst:

At the boot prompt press [F2] and [F3] [F4].

      F2 boot time options:

Tiny Core accepts the following persistence options:

 tinycore tce={hda1|sda1}            Specify Restore TCE apps directory
 tinycore restore={hda1|sda1|floppy} Specify saved configuration location
 tinycore waitusb=X                  Wait X seconds for slow USB devices
 tinycore swapfile{=hda1}            Scan or Specify swapfile
 tinycore home={hda1|sda1}           Specify persistent home directory
 tinycore opt={hda1|sda1}            Specify persistent opt directory
 tinycore local={hda1|sda1}          Specify PPI directory or loopback file
 tinycore lst=yyy.lst                Load alternate static yyy.lst on boot
 tinycore base                       Skip TCE load only the base system
 tinycore norestore                  Turn off the automatic restore
 tinycore safebackup                 Saves a backup copy (mydatabk.tgz)
 tinycore showapps                   Display application names when booting

      F3 boot time options:

Tiny Core accepts the following additional boot time options:

 Color            640x480     800x600      1024x768     1280x1024
   256    8 bit     769         771           773          775
 32000   15 bit     784         787           790          793
 65000   16 bit     785         788           791          794
 16.7M   24 bit     786         789           792          795

 tinycore vga=7xx                    7xx from table above
 tinycore xsetup                     Prompt user for Xvesa setup
 tinycore lang=en                    C only unless getlocale.tcz is installed
 tinycore kmap=us                    US only unless kmaps.tcz is installed
 tinycore text                       Textmode
 tinycore superuser                  Textmode as user root
 tinycore noicons                    Do not use icons
 tinycore noswap                     Do not use swap partition
 tinycore nodhcp                     Skip the dhcp request at boot
 tinycore noutc                      BIOS is using localtime
 tinycore pause                      Pause at completion of boot messages

      F4 boot time options:

Tiny Core accepts the following additional boot time options:

 tinycore {cron|syslog}              Start various daemons at boot
 tinycore host=xxxx                  Set hostname to xxxx
 tinycore secure                     Set password
 tinycore protect                    Password Encrypted Backup
 tinycore noautologin                Skip automatic login
 tinycore tz=GMT+8                   Timezone tz=PST+8PDT,M3.2.0/2,M11.1.0/2
 tinycore settime                    Set UTC time at boot, internet required
 tinycore user=abc                   Specify alternate user
 tinycore desktop=yyy                Specify alternate window manager
 tinycore laptop                     Force load laptop related modules
 tinycore embed                      Stay on initramfs
 tinycore nozswap                    Skip compressed swap in ram
 tinycore xvesa=800x600x32           Set Xvesa default screen resolution
 tinycore bkg=image.{jpg|png|gif}    Set background from /opt/backgrounds
 tinycore blacklist=ssb              Blacklist a single module
 tinycore multivt                    Allows for multiple virtual terminals
 tinycore iso={hda1|sda1}            Specify device to search and boot an iso file

Save Changes to mydata.tgz

open Terminal and enter as non-root USER:

filetool.sh -b

is automatic saved to /mnt/sda1/tce/mydata.tgz

On next boot the Archive will be restored to $Home to filter Files for Backup look at:

  • /opt/.xfiletool #do not backup
  • /opt/.filetool #backup this


etc/passwd #save one file!
etc        #saves all inside /etc