SME Server

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( Renamed to Koozali SME Server)

Useful SME Server Handling Help

Collected Informations about daily used tools

Grundlagen Basics of SME Server

SME Server Ibays Control

Delete Ibay

The way to delete ibays if the admin panel fails

SME Server Maintenance


The easy way to update SME

SME Server move backup restore

Move SME to new Server

SME Server Mirroring over Internet

Mirror Primary SME Server to Second SME Server over Internet with rsync

The way to move a Installation to new Hardware

SME Dump Disk Backup Disk with dd

The way to make a complete Disk Dump and copy the Image thru SSH

SME on Raid Disks

Grub Raid 1

The way to get a failover boot process

SME Bugs

SME Server Upgrade Bug Windbind 8.05 to 8.06

Workaround to fix a Upgrade

Windows 7 logon Problem SME Server Samba Share

Workaround to add Win 7 Clients to Domain

SME Service Restart/Stop/Start echo "command not found"

Workaround to solve the "service" Bug

SME Server Customizing

SME 8.06 Server enable Contribs of SME 7.XX - Testing

Enable Contibs Packets for SME like Special "Apps"

SME Server Password Settings Users and Ibays

Set the Password Rules for SME

SME User Account lock / unlock by Console

If you want to force special low password for one user account!

SME Server as Windows Domain Controller

Disable User Login if the SME Domain Controller is offline

SME Server Hardening

Install rbash as "restricted shell" to login into ssh console of SME Server

Auto Update IP Tables Firewall Rules from Apache Error Log Auto Spam Protect

Disable Pipe Support SambaCry