SME 8.06 Server enable Contribs of SME 7.XX - Testing

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Installation of SME 7 Contribs on SME 8.06

To use contribs of SME 7.XX on SME 8.06 do >>> Be careful SME Contribs can break the security levels of SME!! <<< open a console as root:

db yum_repositories set sme7contribs repository \
GPGCheck yes \
MirrorList \
Name 'SME 7 - contribs' \
Visible no \
status disabled

update at root console the Paket Database:

# signal-event yum-modify
# yum clean all

to list all available contribs do:

yum --enablerepo=sme7contribs --enablerepo=smecontribs list smeserver-*

to install a contrib:

yum --enablerepo=sme7contribs --enablerepo=smecontribs install smeserver-diskusage

to list all Repositories (RPM Sources) do:

db yum_repositories show