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Privoxy config force HTTPS to all Requests

edit /etc/privoxy/user.action and enter at the end:

{ +redirect{s@http://@https://@} }

Privoxy Tor connect

(if TOR Node Server is installed) edit /etc/privoxy/config and enter at the end

forward-socks5   /      .   #Tor connect
forward         192.168.*.*/     .                  #LAN forward
forward          127.*.*.*/  .                      #Localhost connect

Tor Server on Client Mode

The client Mode is used on a "empty" torrc File!

  • To test it rename the File /etc/tor/torrc org and create a "empty" torrc file!
  • now restart Tor with, and test with Tor Monitor Tool "arm" (of package tor-arm)
  • the arm Monitor must show running on "no relaying mode"
$sudo service tor restart 


  • Tor on Relaying Mode but NO EXIT!

edit the /etc/tor/torrc search line:

#ExitPolicy reject *:* 

change to:

ExitPolicy reject *:* 

This prevent you from being abused!

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