Openbox Advantages

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Many time on Open Source Desktops i can tell you the major Advantages of Openbox:

  • Light fast Desktop
  • Clean Window handling like resize
  • No Window Shades
  • Need no Acceleration on GPU Chips
  • Supports 99% of GPUs!
  • No Firmware GPU Drivers needed
  • Easy to customize
  • Easy to sync between different PC's
  • Can be edit with vi or nano!
  • Needs no BACKENDS like DBUS!
  • Independed of Releases of Linux
  • 30% faster than other Desktops
  • Offers sharp displayed Infos, no washed Icons
  • Old and but stable!
  • Saves RAM
  • Saves Energy cause less GPU/CPU loads!
  • Classic Desktop!
  • No APIs for Attacks!