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Commands Bugs Help

(written against wrong Manual Descriptions by Koukaam) login into netio:

$telnet ipaddress port
$telnet 1234
$login admin admin

show status:

$port list

netio echo:

$250 1011

Description: 250=Command ok | 1011 = Port 1+3+4 on | Port 2 = off

Change port status:

$port list 1000

Switches port 1 on, 2-4 off

If you enter a wrong command:

$250 1


$unknown command

is shown


To reset the Firmware, cause Webbrowser Cache Errors or Proxy Cache Errors.

- Press and hold Button 1+2 if the netio is powerless
- swich netio now on, hold the buttons, 4 red Lights shown
- leave the buttons after 10 seconds, netio beeps long and reboot
- relogin with a Browser enabled Java-Script and Cleared Cache (admin:admin)

Timer Settings

sometime the Timersettings on the Webinterface show

"No Control"

then go to the selecte Port and Press Button "modify"

Behavior! Daily Timer:

If you want daily same timers, select the current date!! for ON and OFF
this will be changed every night on 00:00 Clock by sntp

Browser Problems

Google chrome or chromium works well! with Netio Interface Java Scripts

during SSH Tunnels logon at Netio with TELNET! fast an easy!

Similarities to other devices

The device is almost the same as the NETIO-230A which in turn is almost identical to the IP-Power 9258 HP-T by OpenGear and by AVIOSYS.

For the Koukaam NETIO-230A there is more information on the github wiki of the netio230a project.

Small Easy Cron Control

If you don't want to change settings by Webinterface Daily for special times, then you can work with your cron daemon at you small Webserver/PC

create a skript folder

mkdir /scripts/netio/

create a monday Port Control Script called monday.txt insert plain text:

login admin password
port list 1010

create a Monday command script called

netcat -w 1 192.168.XXX.XXX 1234 < /scripts/netio/monday.txt

create Cronjob with $crontab -e

0 0 * * 1 bash /scripts/netio/ > /dev/zero 2>&1

This insert the setting Port 1 and 3 ON,2 and 4 OFF into the netio on every Monday at 0:00