Move SME to new Server

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Move SME Installation by USB Stick Backup Server1.test.local to Server2.test.local

Restore SME Server from USB Stick on old called "Server1.test.local"

- login on Console as root
- do Backup to USB Stick or USB HDD

2.nd possible way compress data by hand to smeserver.tgz do:

Info: this path will be needed:

- login as root
# signal-event pre-backup  # to dump all mysql databases to /home/e-smith/db/mysql
# tar -cvzf smeserver.tgz  /etc /root /home /opt

on new fresh Setup called "Server2.test.local"

- login as root
# mount /dev/sda1 /mnt (sda1=USB DISK)
# cd mnt
# tar -C / -xvzf smeserver.tgz
# signal-event post-upgrade
# signal-event reboot

delete old hosts entrys at database: show old hosts and copy to textfile:

# db hosts show | grep server1 > /old-hosts.txt
script: (
db hosts delete server1.test.local  (take every server.1.... of old-host.txt)

db hosts set $d host
db hosts setprop $d HostType Self
db hosts setprop $d InternalIP ""
db hosts setprop $d ExternalIP ""
db hosts setprop $d MacAddress ""
db hosts setprop $d static yes
db hosts ReverseDNS yes               # only on server1.test.local = yes | on = ""