Install Printer on Linux with cups

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(MAJOR INFO: NOT EVERY PRINTER IS SUPPORTED BY LINUX-CUPS go link Hardware-List mostly older are known! read first if you want to buy)

If you want to Print on Linux you will need 2 things

- Printer Driver from the Manufacterer ( mostly 2 Parts!! Driver and Cups Wrapper Driver for Line Wrapping DIN-A4 Letter Formats) - Cups Printer Server Software

first install the cups Printing Server Software, i ALWAYS install Print-to-PDF too! for paperless Office:

sudo apt-get install cups cups-pdf

add your user to Group lpadmin!

sudo adduser yourusername lpadmin

go to manufacterer support site like and download the ".deb" files! to install them do:

sudo dpkg -i *.deb

force lib32-install on 64bit Systems cause most older Printersoftware is written for 32bit!!!

sudo dpkg --add-architecture i386
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get -f install -y

This will force the OS to install 32Libs for 64bit and you got a Multi-Arch Linux ! link Debian-Wiki-Source

If the Software is installed successful, you can open a Browser and change settings Controls on:


Remark on ubuntu disabled by default, then go system settings (Logout Menu) to control your printers there!

Paperless Print to PDF is well done by cups and every User found the pdf files inside their homes on PDF Folder!

Cups print to PDF/A Archive

If you want to Archive PDF Files for very long Time you should know that there is a special PDF/A Format which is supported for decades!

Background: The PDF/A Format use less design Formats seems more "Text" Scripts

Read: PDF/A Setup Howto

Basics: PDF/WIKI