Ecryptfs Home with SSH Key Login

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  • To remote Login to a System with ecryptfs Home and SSH Public Key Auth do:
  • Create .ssh folder in /home for the keys to be stored
$sudo mkdir /home/.ssh
  • move existing authorized_keys file into .ssh dir as username
$sudo mv ~/.ssh/authorized_keys /home/.ssh/username
$sudo chmod 600 /home/.ssh/username
  • c reate symbolic link to authorized_keys file in user .ssh
$ln -s /home/.ssh/username ~/.ssh/authorized_keys
  • update sshd config file to set the new path for the authorized_keys file
$sudo nano /etc/ssh/sshd_config
  • change the AuthorizedKeysFile line to:
AuthorizedKeysFile      /home/.ssh/%u
  • change User Profile to auto mount ecryptfs-home
$sudo nano ~/.profile
  • add these lines at the Top Line 3-5:
cd /home/username
  • copy the .profile outside home to tmp,later back to UNMOUNTED /home/username!
$sudo cp ~/.profile /tmp # if the User is logged OUT, cause the ecrpyt-mount needs a .profile!
$sudo mv /tmp/.profile /home/username 
  • check correct file rights!
$sudo ls -l /home/username/.profile
  • reboot
$sudo reboot
  • Test the remote SSH Login to the System the Home must now be unlocked and mounted as /home/Username/.Private