Disable User Login if the SME Domain Controller is offline

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To the use the SME Server as Windows Domain Controller login at https://smeserver-ip/server-manager

and enable at Workgroup the Domain Controller Settings. This will allow you to control all login access at the

whole local windows network.

The usage of Server saved Windows Profiles offers a easy sync of Workstations if Users share their different PCs daily.

INFO: You should use "GIGABIT LAN" Network Infrastructure (LAN-NIC, Switches, Router and Cables) cause a high count of
up/down/sync data at the LOGON / LOGOFF procedure of the workstations can take up to 10 - 60 minutes at slower Networks

Security Tip:

DISABLE the default enabled cached Domain Controller LOGON Cache at Windows
(50 Logons possible without Domain Controller contact)

open as local workstation administrator regedit32.exe set:

HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\Current Version\Winlogon\CachedLogonsCount  > 0

disable all Local Workstation User accounts and reboot the Workstations..

Result??? Is the Domain down or the Domain Controller offline no User is able to login..