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REMARK: Status "working"


Hanging ATI X-Server Centrino

Auto Login tty

ATI Mobility M7 xorg.conf performance Squeeze

ATI Fire GL T2 Thinkpad R50p xorg.conf Squeeze with 3D

ATI Radeon Performance Tuning 2D Scrolling Problems

Virtual Server Hosting

Qemu & Bridge


Clean Bash Logout

Clean tty0 on Boot

Disable Root Login ALL Console

Xserver-xorg securing

Protect Shutdown Reboot all Users on Bash

Disable write Access to /boot

Full Encrypted Debian System with USB Keyboard

Password Generator on Console

Restricted Shell for SSH Server

Postfix Hardening

ecryptfs Encrypted Home Folder - Remote Reboot possible

ecryptfs Home with SSH Key Login

Hardening /proc Hide Processes from other Users

Fail2ban Automatic Firewall Rules Update


Force Disk Check on next Reboot

Show System Status on tty0

Repair Grub2 Bootloader after Windows 7/8 Setup

Sources List

Reduce the high Count of installed Packages

Find failed drive connector of the dmesg reported output

Tar Backups with Compression gzip pigz

Raspian Backup over NFS with mount point check


Bug: SATA failed command: WRITE FPDMA QUEUED

Disable Framebuffer Nvidia free Driver Nouveau


Flickering Intel Graphics Google Chrome Skylake CPU

Proxy Settings via Console on Command Line


Ftp console up download

Set Rights for Files and Folders recursive

Change file extensions with rename

Find Tool

Setup ddclient for

Remove Comments on Config Files

Editor nano Config Color

Process Viewer User Rights

Temperature Data Logger and Graphic Output to a GNU-Plot PNG Image

Flash RAM Disk Systems Thinclient

Debian Linux on Flash Card

Debian Using tmpfs for /tmp, /var/(log,run,lock...)

Gnome Desktop

GDM3 Speed up disable Wallpaper and Zoom

Enable CPU frequency change for everyone by Gnome Applet

Sound Problems Pulseaudio to ALSA

Get Alsa Sound to work with flashplugin-nonfree

Linux Printer Setup

Install Printer on Linux with cups

SSH Tunnels and Applications

NFS Share mount over SSH Tunnel